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Medical Attention in Cancun: Everything You Should Know

We've Been in Your Shoes and Understand The Challenges You Face

Welcome to Telemed Mexico!

We are a telemedicine practice founded in 2022 by an expat and Mexican national who understand the challenges of navigating the healthcare system in a foreign country.

During our travels, we experienced firsthand the stress  of needing medical care while traveling or living abroad. Because we didn’t always speak the local language, it was usually difficult to access the local health system.  Sometimes, it was expensive and we felt underwhelmed and overcharged.  However, despite the challenges, we learned from the experience.

When we returned home to Mexico, we realized that English speaking visitors to Cancun had the same stress, worry, and frustration that we experienced in other countries.  So, we decided to create a service that we would find easy to use, convenient, but yet affordable.

 Telemed Mexico was formed to provide the solution to this problem,  while allowing people to receive quality healthcare from the comfort of their own hotel, resort, or home on their schedule at an affordable price without the worry of insurance.

While we initially focused on Cancun and the Riviera Maya, it became clear that there was a need through-out Mexico for telemedicine/telehealth services.

We have put together a team of experienced professionals licensed to practice medicine in Mexico.  Our specialty is providing urgent care services to vacationers and expats living in Mexico.

Telemed Mexico understands language barriers, cultural differences, and unfamiliarity with a foreign healthcare system can make seeking medical care in a foreign country overwhelming and confusing. That’s why we built our practice around mitigating these concerns, making it easy to access quality medical care away from home.

At Telemed Mexico, we are committed to providing accessible and convenient healthcare services to everyone, regardless of their location or language.

Our practice offers same-day appointments and 24 hour /7 day availability ensuring that you receive the care you need at the moment you need it. Our doctors are fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.  Our multi-lingual doctors eliminate the language barrier and allows us to provide more personalized care to each patient. We believe that quality healthcare should be affordable.  Our telemedicine practice is built on a flat rate fixed price of $75 with $0 extra fees or after-hours charges.

Our mission is to help you enjoy your vacation or expat experience without the stress and worry of medical issues.. 

We are dedicated to making that a reality for you!

Thank you for choosing Telemed Mexico as your vacation healthcare provider.

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Our Services

Fast and Affordable: Telemed Mexico's Solution for Urgent Medical Concerns


Telemedicine consultations are conducted from the patient's hotel room or resort, eliminating travel and waiting.


$75 Fixed Price Telemed Consultation, No Hidden Fees or After-Hours Charges Means Affordable Medical Care.

Timely Care

24/7 access, same-day telemedicine consultations lead to faster medical attention.

How Do Our Telemedicine Consults Work?

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Telemed Mexico is a cutting-edge telemedicine/telehealth program that aims to provide high-quality medical services to patients, regardless of their location or distance. This innovative program utilizes advanced telecommunications and technology to connect patients enabling remote medical consultations.

Telemed Mexico offers a comprehensive range of services. These interactions are conducted in real-time without compromising the quality of care.

The attending physician conducts clinical questioning and explains the respective processes diagnosing and developing a treatment plan, as well as providing an assessment that will be applied to the patient’s subsequent care.

Telemed Mexico is a trailblazer in private telemedicine services in Mexico. This innovative program offers many advantages, including the ability to overcome geographical barriers, avoid transfer costs, eliminate time and place barriers, all in multiple languages. These benefits result in ease of use and cost savings for patients seeking healthcare services.

In summary, Telemed Mexico is a cutting-edge telemedicine/telehealth program that offers a comprehensive range of services, utilizes advanced technology to connect patients with specialists around the world, and provides an easy to use, affordable healthcare solution. With Telemed Mexico, patients can receive high-quality medical care without being limited by distance or location.

Telemed Mexico is dedicated to providing concierge quality healthcare to vacationers and expats in Mexico.   Our multi-lingual doctors and HIPAA compliant software allows us to provide high quality healthcare at affordable, fixed prices without any additional charges (Prescriptions not included) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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