Are You Sick and Need a Doctor?

 Quality, Convenient, and Affordable Medical Care in Mexico

24/7 Access, Same-Day Appointments

Stress of Having Medical Issues in a foreign country can be overwhelming

Are You Experiencing Symptoms? 

We understand how difficult it is to need urgent medical care while not speaking the language or understanding the system.

Fast and Affordable: Telemed Mexico's Solution for Urgent Medical Concerns


Telemed consultations are be conducted from the patient's hotel room or resort, eliminating travel and long wait time.


$75 Fixed Price Consultation, No Hidden Fees or After-Hours Charges Means Affordable Medical Care.

Timely Care

24/7 access, same-day telemedicine consultations lead to faster medical attention and potentially improved health outcomes.

How Do Our Consults Work?

Step 1

Book your Consultation at

Step 2

Connect with our doctors via phone, text, or video

Step 3

Get Your Prescription via Email.

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Telemed Mexico is dedicated to providing concierge quality healthcare to vacationers and expats in Mexico.   Our multi-lingual doctors and HIPAA compliant software allows us to provide high quality healthcare at affordable, fixed prices without any additional charges (Prescriptions not included) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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