What To Expect When Visiting A Consultorio Médico 24 Horas

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If you’re looking to take your health and wellness routine to the next level, then a Consultorio Médico 24 Horas is what you need. These medical spas are popping up all over South America and offer an experience that’s more than just a quick treatment.
With locations in major cities, from Buenos Aires to Recife, these medical spas provide a higher standard of care than your average spa. People tend to flock to these places for one specific reason: they have the best doctors and therapists in town! You can find Consultoria Médicas all over Latin America, with most opening their doors within the last five years or so.
So what can you expect when visiting a Consultorio Médico 24 Horas? This blog will give you all the insider tips on how to get the most out of your visit. From budget-friendly options to those that are more exclusive, read on…

How To Book An Appointment At A Consultorio Médico

How do you book an appointment at a Consultorio Médico 24 Horas?
The first step is to find one that’s near your location. This is easier said than done as many of the places are quite new, so it can be tough to find them. To locate a place nearby, check out their websites or social media pages.
Once you find a place near you, start with the website and follow the instructions on how you will have to book an appointment online. Some sites might have a form that asks for your contact information or even your medical history. Other sites might require that you upload a document from your doctor before booking an appointment with them or show proof of insurance (which is not required but recommended).
Ultimately, it all depends on the specific website for how they want to handle this process. If you’re having trouble booking an appointment through their site, feel free to call them directly and speak with their customer service team about what needs to be done in order to book an appointment at their specific clinic.

What To Bring With You When Visiting A Consultorio Médico

24 Horas
Before you head to your appointment, make sure you have a bag packed with all the essentials. Here are a few items that will come in handy:
– A change of clothing
– Your prescription medications, if you need them
– Your insurance card and photo ID (required for some services)
– Toothbrush and toothpaste
– Towel or small hand towel
– Deodorant
– Any essential oils or creams that might help with your treatments

What To Eat And Drink While Visiting A Consultorio Médico

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Lunch and dinner are included in most Consultoria Médicas. Depending on your treatment, you might want to skip the meal and head straight for a cocktail or a smoothie at their bar. If you’re not looking for the typical spa fare, consider dining at one of the restaurants in the area. Here are some great options that you can find near Consultoria Médicas:
La Cava Del Tequila – Located on the lower floor, La Cava offers an impressive selection of cocktails for those looking to take a break from treatments.
Cafe El Caballo Rojo – This restaurant serves up Mexican food with an Argentinean twist. It’s located across from the main entrance of this medical spa.
El Costalero – This steakhouse is located on Recoleta Avenue and offers three types of meat dishes to suit any palate!

How Much It Costs To See The Doctor At A Consultorio Médico

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In most cases, your visit to a Consultorio Médico 24 Horas will cost you between $50 and $90. The cost of your visit depends on what services you’ll need. Some treatments are more affordable than others, but even if you’re trying to make a splurge, it won’t be too pricey for the level of care that you get.
If you’re looking for a low-cost option, then this may be the place for you. Your treatment is quick and painless. A massage typically lasts about 15 minutes and costs about $25-$40. If you want a more in-depth treatment, like an aromatherapy massage or acupuncture session, then the price goes up substantially. For example, the average aromatherapy massage will cost around $100 per person with no additional charges for length of time spent with therapist or lack of bathroom use during your session.

Why It Is Important To Be Seen By The Doctor As Soon As Possible

It’s important to see a doctor as soon as possible if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort. The sooner you can get the treatment needed for your condition, the faster you will feel relief.
Patients who visit a Consultorio Médico 24 Horas often have to wait hours and hours in order to meet with a doctor. Patients are willing to endure this wait because they know they will receive high quality care once they get in.


If you are in need of medical attention, visiting a Consultorio Médico 24 Horas is a great option. The clinics are open 24 hours a day and provide a number of services. To book an appointment, all you need to do is call the number on the clinic or on their website and follow the instructions for scheduling your appointment. To save costs, you may want to bring your own prescriptions with you when visiting a Clinico Médico.


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