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Get Top-Quality Medical Care from the Comfort of Your Resort with Telemed Mexico's Most Convenient and Reliable Telemedicine Consultations.

Get Top-Quality Medical Care from the Comfort of Your Resort with Telemed Mexico’s Most Convenient and Reliable Telemedicine Consultations.
At Telemed Mexico, We get it – experiencing a medical issue while on vacation can be a real bummer. Our founder and team have been there ourselves and know how overwhelming and stressful it can feel. That’s why we’re here to help eliminate the stress and worry of getting medical care in a foreign country.

Our team has assisted tons of folks, whether on vacation or living as expats, to receive top-notch medical care from their hotel rooms or resorts through our easy and reliable telemedicine consultations.

With our experienced doctors available 24/7 and fluent in multiple languages, we offer personalized and efficient care to meet the unique needs of every patient.

With Telemed Mexico, you can put your worries aside and focus on soaking up your vacation vibes.

We’ve got you covered!

How Do Our Telehealth Consultations Work?
Easy 3 Step Process

How It Works
Step 2

Connect with our doctors via Phone, Text, or Video

Step 3

Receive Your Prescription via Email
(Within 15 min).

Your Virtual Doctor for Urgent Medical Care in Mexico

  • Appointments in 1 Hour
  • Receive Prescriptions in 15 min
  • Never Leave Hotel
  • Physical Visit Not Required
  • Lower Cost than Hospital/Clinic
  • Transparent Pricing
  • No After Hours Charges
  • Consultations Start at $58.99 usd
Quality Medical Care
  • Experienced Doctors
  • Professional & Thorough Doctors
  • Treatment for Your Specific Needs
  • Effective for Non-Serious Symptoms

Immediate Medical Consultations, Tailored To Your Needs in Mexico

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