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Telemed Mexico, located in Puebla, Puebla, offers comprehensive Telehealth and Telemedicine consultations. These services are designed to provide quick, convenient, and affordable medical consultations, all from the comfort of your home. With English speaking doctors available 24/7, patients can access immediate care without the need for after-hours fees. Highly innovative and compassionate, Telemed Mexico’s services are more cost-effective than traditional hospital or clinic visits, with consultations usually completed within an hour. The company prides itself on making healthcare accessible and patient-friendly, embodying their core values of accessibility, innovation, and compassion.



At Telemed Mexico, we’re proud to bring you the future of healthcare. We understand that getting to a doctor’s office can be tough, that’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide innovative and compassionate telehealth and telemedicine consultations. By using our services, you can connect with healthcare professionals without leaving the comfort of your home. No matter where you’re located in Puebla, we’re here to ensure healthcare is accessible and convenient for you. Whether you’re managing a chronic condition or need a one-time consultation, we’re here to help.

We're your 24/7 connection to healthcare, anytime, anywhere!

Join us today and experience affordable, fast, and compassionate medical care right at your fingertips. We’re always here for you, no matter the hour. Don’t delay, get your consult in an hour with Telemed Mexico!


At Telemed Mexico, we’re revolutionizing the way you access healthcare. We offer accessible, innovative, and compassionate telehealth and telemedicine consultations, right at your fingertips. We understand that medical issues don’t follow a 9-5 schedule, so our English-speaking doctors are available 24/7, ensuring you won’t face any after-hours charges or fees. Our services are not only fast but also more affordable than a traditional hospital or clinic visit. You can expect to have your consult within an hour. Choose us for a more convenient, cost-effective, and compassionate approach to your healthcare.



  • 24/7 Accessible English Speaking Doctors
  • Fast, Affordable Medical Consultations
  • Innovative Telemedicine Services
  • No Extra After-Hour Charges
  • Compassionate Virtual Healthcare Solution


What exactly are telehealth/telemedicine consultations?

They’re virtual consultations with our English speaking doctors, available 24/7. Instead of going to a hospital or clinic, you can have a medical consultation over the phone or video call, right from the comfort of your home.

How quickly can we get a consultation through Telemed Mexico?

We strive to return results as quickly as possible. Typically, you can expect your results within 24-48 hours after testing.

Are your services expensive?

Not at all. Our services are actually cheaper than a visit to a hospital or clinic. Plus, there’s no extra charges or fees for after-hours consultations. We aim to make health care affordable for everyone.

What if we need medical attention in the middle of the night? Are your doctors available?

Absolutely! We’ve doctors available 24/7. So, no matter what time of the day it is, you can always reach out to us.

Can we trust the quality of your telehealth/telemedicine consultations?

Completely! We’re committed to providing compassionate, innovative, and accessible healthcare. Our doctors are experienced, well-qualified, and dedicated to assisting you to the best of their abilities.


Puebla, a city renowned for its colonial architecture and culinary traditions, offers a vibrant arts and crafts scene. Its UNESCO World Heritage Site historic center boasts beautifully decorated buildings and the Puebla Cathedral. The city’s unique cuisine features dishes like mole poblano and chiles en nogada.




Experience Compassionate Telehealth Consultations with Telemed Mexico in Puebla, Puebla


We’re all about providing top-notch telehealth and telemedicine services that cater to your needs, and we do it with a compassionate heart. Telemed Mexico, based in Puebla, Puebla, is your trusted partner in healthcare, offering affordable consultations in just an hour. We understand that when it comes to health, every minute counts, and we ensure that you receive prompt and efficient care, right from the comfort of your home.


Our team of professionals is committed to offering the best of healthcare services to our patients. We believe in treating each individual with utmost respect, understanding, and empathy. With us, you’re not just another patient; you’re a valued member of our community who deserves nothing but the best. Our services are designed to be convenient and accessible, ensuring that you can connect with a healthcare provider whenever you need to, no matter where you are. Our core value is compassionate care, and this is reflected in every interaction we have with our patients.



Expanding Boundaries with Remote Healthcare Access


In this digital age, we’re seeing an incredible evolution in healthcare delivery, and one of the key drivers of this transformation is remote healthcare access. It’s not just about convenience anymore—it’s about reaching out to those who’ve had barriers to care in the past and offering them a lifeline. Telehealth/Telemedicine consultations are revolutionizing the way we think about healthcare, breaking down geographical boundaries, and making medical consultations accessible to all.


Imagine living in a remote rural area, miles away from the nearest hospital or clinic. In the past, you’d have had to travel long distances for a simple consultation, enduring the stress, cost, and time involved. But now, with the advent of telehealth, we’re able to connect with healthcare professionals from the comfort of our living rooms. Picture yourself chatting with your doctor over a secure video call, discussing your health concerns, getting prescriptions refilled, or even having a minor ailment diagnosed. The convenience and accessibility are simply mind-blowing.


But it’s not just about convenience. We’re seeing how telehealth can genuinely save lives. Think about someone with a chronic illness who requires regular monitoring. In the past, their condition may have deteriorated between visits to the hospital. But now, we can monitor their condition remotely, alerting healthcare professionals when something’s not right and allowing for timely intervention. The potential for improved outcomes and enhanced quality of life is immense. We’re truly living in a new era of healthcare, where access to medical consultations is no longer a privilege but a right that we can all enjoy.



Why are Telehealth/Telemedicine Consultations Crucial in Today’s World?

In today’s fast-paced world, we understand the importance of having medical consultations that are not only accessible but also convenient. This is where Telemed Mexico comes into the picture. We’re a team of dedicated professionals providing telehealth and telemedicine services in Puebla, ensuring that help is always just a click away. Our doctors are always available, ready to serve you no matter where you are or what time it is. We’ve leveraged technology to bring healthcare services right to your doorstep, making medical consultations efficient and hassle-free.

We’re transforming the way healthcare is delivered, making it faster, better, and more convenient. Our virtual consultations provide a secure and private environment for you to discuss your health concerns with our experienced doctors. It’s all about giving you control over your health, without the need to travel or wait in long queues at the hospital. With Telemed Mexico, you can get the medical attention you need, when you need it, right from the comfort of your home. It’s that simple!


Embrace Convenience with Telemed Mexico: Your English-Speaking Virtual Doctor

We understand that navigating through a foreign health system can be quite a challenge, especially when language becomes a barrier. That’s where our service at Telemed Mexico steps in. We offer telehealth and telemedicine consultations with English-speaking doctors to ensure you get the medical assistance you need, no matter where you are in Puebla, Puebla.

At Telemed Mexico, we’re more than just an online medical service. We aim to provide a seamless and convenient healthcare experience for you. You can easily schedule appointments, consult with our English-speaking doctors, and receive medical advice right in the comfort of your own home. Our telemedicine platform eliminates language barriers, making it easier for you to understand your health condition and the required treatment. We’re here to make healthcare hassle-free for you.

How Do Our Consultations Work?
Quick and Easy 3 Step Process

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Connect with our doctors via Phone, Text, or Video​

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Step 3

Receive Your Prescription via Email (Within 15 min).

See a Doctor Today!

  • Telemed Mexico provides same day medical consultations with experienced doctors.
  • No insurance necessary.
  • Complete an online consultation and pick up your prescription today.
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