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Are you searching for a reliable and affordable pharmacy in Mexico? Look no further than Consulta Farmacia San Pablo! With a rich history spanning over 70 years, this pharmacy has become a trusted name in the health and wellness industry.

At Consulta Farmacia San Pablo, you can expect a wide range of services and products to meet your health needs. From prescription medications to over-the-counter remedies, this pharmacy has it all. Plus, with expert advice and recommendations from knowledgeable pharmacists, you can feel confident in your choices and trust that you’re getting the best care possible.

So whether you’re dealing with a minor ailment or a chronic condition, Consulta Farmacia San Pablo is here to help.

A Brief History of Consulta Farmacia San Pablo

Consulta Farmacia San Pablo has a rich history, with its origins dating back to the mid-20th century when it first began as a small family-owned pharmacy. The founders, Don Antonio Franco and his wife, opened the first store in Mexico City in 1945 with the goal of providing quality healthcare products and services to the community.

Over the years, Consulta Farmacia San Pablo grew to become one of the largest pharmacy chains in Mexico. With its commitment to customer service and innovation, the company expanded its offerings to include medical consultations, laboratory services, and even pet care products.

Today, Consulta Farmacia San Pablo continues to play an important role in the Mexican healthcare industry, providing accessible and affordable healthcare solutions to millions of people.

Services Offered at Consulta Farmacia San Pablo

You can find a wide range of services available to you at this pharmacy located in the heart of the city. Consulta Farmacia San Pablo offers prescription medication, over-the-counter drugs, and medical supplies.

You can also consult with pharmacists who are knowledgeable and ready to answer your questions about medication interactions, dosage instructions, and side effects. In addition to medication and medical supplies, Consulta Farmacia San Pablo provides a variety of health services to help you maintain your well-being.

You can get vaccinations, blood pressure checks, cholesterol screenings, and glucose tests. They also offer beauty and personal care products, including cosmetics and skin care items. With the range of services available, Consulta Farmacia San Pablo is your one-stop shop for all your health and wellness needs.

Expert Advice and Recommendations from Pharmacists

Don’t miss out on the valuable insights and personalized recommendations that pharmacists at Consulta Farmacia San Pablo have to offer. They’re highly trained and knowledgeable professionals who can provide you with expert advice on medication, health supplements, and medical supplies.

Whether you have questions about dosage, side effects, or drug interactions, they can help you make informed decisions about your health.

The pharmacists at Consulta Farmacia San Pablo are also great resources for anyone looking for recommendations on over-the-counter medications or health supplements. They can help you find the best products to address your specific needs, whether you’re looking to boost your immune system, improve your digestion, or manage chronic pain.

With their help, you can feel confident that you’re choosing products that are safe, effective, and tailored to your unique health needs.

Affordable Medications and Health Products

Save money on your medications and health products with our affordable options, so you can focus on taking care of your health without breaking the bank.

At Farmacia San Pablo, we understand that healthcare expenses can add up quickly. That’s why we offer a wide range of affordable medications and health products to suit your needs.

Our pharmacy offers generic alternatives to brand-name drugs, which can save you significant amounts of money without sacrificing quality. We also offer discounts and promotions on various health products, including vitamins, supplements, and personal care items.

Plus, our knowledgeable pharmacists are always available to answer any questions or provide recommendations on cost-effective options. Trust Farmacia San Pablo to help you take care of your health without breaking the bank.

Convenient Locations Throughout Mexico

With a multitude of locations scattered throughout Mexico, it’s never been easier to access the quality healthcare products and medications offered by Farmacia San Pablo. Whether you’re living in a bustling city or a quaint town, there’s likely a San Pablo pharmacy nearby. This convenient accessibility means you can easily pick up your prescriptions or grab any necessary health products without having to travel far from your home.

To emphasize the convenience of San Pablo’s location, take a look at this table:

City Number of Farmacia San Pablo Locations Distance to Closest Location (km)
Mexico City 52 0.4
Guadalajara 29 1.2
Monterrey 18 0.8
Cancún 7 1.5

As you can see, there are numerous locations throughout Mexico, including major cities like Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey, as well as popular tourist destinations like Cancún. With such a significant presence, you can rest assured that it won’t be difficult to find a San Pablo pharmacy near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the working hours of Consulta Farmacia San Pablo?

You’re asking about the working hours. Unfortunately, I need more information to provide an accurate answer. Can you please specify which location or business you’re referring to?

Does Consulta Farmacia San Pablo offer home delivery services?

Yes, they offer home delivery services. You can order your medications online or by phone and they will be delivered to your doorstep. It’s a convenient option for those who can’t visit the pharmacy in person.

Are there any discounts or loyalty programs available at Consulta Farmacia San Pablo?

You can enjoy discounts and loyalty programs at many pharmacies. Check with your local pharmacy to see if they offer any promotions or loyalty programs to save money on your purchases.

Does Consulta Farmacia San Pablo provide medical consultations or only dispense medications?

You may receive medical consultations and prescriptions from some pharmacies. However, it depends on the pharmacy’s specific services and policies. It is best to contact the pharmacy directly to inquire about their offerings.

Are there any restrictions on the purchase of certain medications at Consulta Farmacia San Pablo?

There may be restrictions on certain medication purchases, such as age restrictions or the need for a prescription. It is important to consult with a medical professional or pharmacist before purchasing any medication.


So, now you know all about Consulta Farmacia San Pablo! It’s become one of the most trusted pharmacies in Mexico due to its long history and commitment to providing high-quality health products and services to its customers.

Whether you need medications, supplements, or expert advice from pharmacists, you can find it all at Consulta Farmacia San Pablo. Plus, with convenient locations throughout the country, it’s easy to access the care you need.

Don’t hesitate to visit your nearest Consulta Farmacia San Pablo location today. You can feel confident in the care you’ll receive with its affordable prices, knowledgeable staff, and commitment to your health. Trust us, you won’t regret it!


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