A Que Hora Abren Los Consultorios De Farmacias Similares

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Are you in need of medical attention but don’t want to wait in long lines at a hospital or clinic? Look no further than Farmacias Similares. This Mexican pharmacy chain offers a variety of healthcare services, including medical consultations, laboratory tests, and even prescription medication.

To access these services, you’ll need to visit one of Farmacias Similares’ medical consultation offices. With locations throughout Mexico, you’re sure to find one near you. But before you head out, it’s important to understand their operating hours.

Keep reading to learn when these consultation offices typically open and close, as well as tips for scheduling appointments and accessing healthcare services.

Overview of Farmacias Similares’ Healthcare Services

Looking for accessible healthcare services? Check out Farmacias Similares, where you can find a range of medical services at affordable prices.

This chain of pharmacies provides a variety of healthcare services, such as doctor consultations, laboratory tests, and medication dispensing. They aim to provide accessible healthcare to people with limited resources, without sacrificing the quality of their services.

Farmacias Similares has a team of qualified doctors who offer consultations for various medical conditions. They also provide laboratory tests, such as blood tests and urine tests, which can be done on-site. Moreover, they have a pharmacy section where you can purchase medication prescribed by their doctors.

The prices of their services and medications are affordable, making them an ideal option for people who cannot afford to go to private clinics or hospitals.

Locating a Farmacias Similares Medical Consultation Office

To find a medical consultation office at Farmacias Similares, you can use their store locator on their website. Simply go to their homepage and click on the ‘Store Locator’ tab.

From there, you can enter your location or zip code and search for the nearest consultation office. The website will provide you with the address, phone number, and hours of operation for each office.

It’s important to note that not all Farmacias Similares locations offer medical consultation services. To ensure that you find a consultation office, look for locations that have a green ‘Consulta Médica’ sign outside.

These offices are staffed with licensed medical professionals who can provide a variety of healthcare services, including general consultations, medical exams, and prescriptions.

Understanding the Operating Hours for Medical Consultation Offices

You can easily check when Farmacias Similares medical consultation offices are open by visiting their website and clicking on the ‘Store Locator’ tab. Once you’re on the page, you can enter your location or zip code to find the nearest medical consultation office.

The search results will provide you with the address, phone number, and hours of operation for each location. It’s important to note that the operating hours for medical consultation offices may vary depending on the location.

Some offices may have extended hours, while others may have limited hours on weekends. It’s always a good idea to double-check the hours of operation for the location you plan to visit before heading out.

With this information in hand, you can confidently plan your visit to a Farmacias Similares medical consultation office at a time that works best for you.

Tips for Scheduling Appointments and Accessing Healthcare Services

If you’re trying to schedule an appointment or access healthcare services at Farmacias Similares, here are some helpful tips.

Firstly, it’s important to note that the operating hours for medical consultation offices may vary depending on the location. To avoid any inconvenience, make sure to check the specific hours for the office you plan to visit. You can easily do this by visiting the Farmacias Similares website or calling their customer service hotline.

Additionally, if you’re looking to schedule an appointment, it’s recommended to do so in advance to ensure availability. You can either call the office directly or use the online appointment scheduling tool on the Farmacias Similares website.

It’s important to provide accurate information and arrive on time for your scheduled appointment to avoid any delays or cancellations. By following these tips, you can easily schedule an appointment and access the healthcare services you need at Farmacias Similares.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of medical conditions can be treated at Farmacias Similares?

At Farmacias Similares, you can receive treatment for various medical conditions such as colds, allergies, and infections. They offer a range of services including consultations, medication, and lab tests.

How much does a medical consultation cost at Farmacias Similares?

A medical consultation at Farmacias Similares costs around $200-$250 pesos.

Are there any special requirements or documents needed to access medical services at Farmacias Similares?

To access medical services at Farmacias Similares, you don’t need any special requirements or documents. Just walk in and speak to the staff. They’ll guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

What languages do the medical staff at Farmacias Similares speak?

At Farmacias Similares, the medical staff speaks Spanish and may have some knowledge of English. They are always happy to assist you with any medical needs you may have.

Are there any discounts or promotions available for medical services at Farmacias Similares?

You can find discounts and promotions for medical services at Farmacias Similares. Check their website or visit a store for more information.


So, now you know all about Farmacias Similares’ healthcare services and how to locate and access their medical consultation offices.

The only thing left to consider is their operating hours. As mentioned earlier, you can find a Farmacias Similares medical consultation office in most cities and towns in Mexico, and they’re open seven days a week.

Whether you need a check-up, a prescription refill, or any other medical services, you can count on Farmacias Similares to provide affordable and accessible healthcare services.

Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment at your nearest medical consultation office today. Your health is important, and Farmacias Similares is here to help you take care of it.


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